Nov. 2nd, 2008

Wow, so I haven't posted in forever.  I've been ridiculously busy with school and work - I got a new job at an MP's office, which is great for my resume but bad in terms that I have no time to breath.  I didn't tell anybody that I had a day off today because I wanted to catch up on <s>fanfiction</s> life.  Okay, so real life update later, because I have something much more important to discuss.  Supernatural.  Okay.  So I usually put away my books, get home from work, stop crying with shame at around 11 pm and I swear to god, if it wasn't for SPN I would be so well rested.  I've started rewatching it from the beginning (well, only the episodes I remember that I didn't hate, but soon I have to go back and rewatch EVERYTHING) and I have completely switched from a Sam-girl to a Dean-girl.  I'm sick.  I appear to be drawn to emo-pain. 

So far I have read (on my blackberry, which hurts my feeble eyes :(  ) as much fic as I could find, which is great.  HOWEVER  this is the fanfic I want to write myself/want somebody else to write so I can read it.

*Dean on Atlantis.  Okay.  You know what, the only reason I put this on the list is because I'm 3/4 of the way done this fic.
*A fic where Dean doesn't get pulled out for like, 10 years, and comes back to Sam about to bring about the apocalypse to get him back.  AND IT'S TOO LATE TO STOP.  OH NO.

*Dean comes back from hell as a demon!  And follows Sam around and Sam can't bear to exorcise him, because he's not all evil yet, he's just kinda Ruby-esque.  

*The whole thing is a hallucination and the FBI was *right*.  They were brainwashed by their Dad when they were younger, and the whole time they've just been crazy mass murders.  This will be a light hearted comedy, I'm sure.

*Okay.  I'm kinda horrible for wanting this, but I would like to see Dean as a paraplegic.  Like, I know I can't write this, because I would just fill it with stupid wheelchair jokes where Dean goes to attack something and falls off of his wheelchair.  But no!  I think a well done fic (not by me) would be really cool. And like deep and showing I don't know, essence or whatever.

OKAY.  And one more, but I actually wrote six pages of this one and it's just one scene of a larger fic, but I don't know how it ends yet.  So.  Here it is, because it's awesome.  Make up and ending and tell me about it, people.

Fic: It's been twenty years since Sam left for Stanford and he has a good job, a non-midlife crisis car, no matter what anyone says, and a wife and kids. 



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