New fic, you guys.  It contains the word 'gay'  a lot.  Written for

[personal profile] eleveninches, because at one point, long ago, she asked for fic where Rodney gay-bashes John.  I actually do like Rodney, you know.

(My Heart Goes) Bang Bang Boom

14A, not for sexin', but for swearing.  2 500 words.  John/Rodney. 

It wasn’t the fact that Rodney was physically abusing him that upset John so much; it was the fact that John was being forced to think about his feelings.

Sky of Longing

You should know:  John/Rodney, 14A at most.  No spoilers. 15 000 words. I love my beta, [profile] kimberlyfdr

Summary: Well it’s an au.  And they all work for an airline. And there are shenanigans.

“A pilot!” Rodney turned, outraged, to John.  “You never told me you were a pilot!”

“You didn’t tell me the truth either, Professor,” John said, as he squeezed his way past Rodney and headed up the aisle to the business class cabin.  “See you later, Rodney – if that is your real name.”


Link to Part Two
Title: Stand on Guard
Author: [profile] eternallycait
Ridiculous amounts of thanks to [personal profile] ainsley, my beta.  Seriously, you wouldn't have wanted to read this before she fixed it.

Rated PG13-ish.  Rodney/John, Canada/Power. 

"Lorne is a gimp, and someone tried to kill Elizabeth and Canada
is all behind it!  This is the worst future I could possibly imagine.” 

Fic Idea!

Jun. 14th, 2007 10:18 pm
Killer first paragraph?  I think so. 

The first time Rodney had sexy thoughts about John was after Teyla had cut his shirt off in the jumper, during the unfortunate bug incident.  John was sprawled there, dog tags flat against his chest, head thrown back, and even though Rodney was certain he was going to die, he felt a rush of something.   He was disturbed at the thought that he was really into necrophilia, but hey.  New galaxy, new rules. 

And then of course, it would go into how he kept creeping into the morgue to try to test out his newfound feelings, but it just wasn't the same, and finally he will admit that he's just hot for John.  ROM-COM.

Springtime for Atlantis by

[profile] eternallycait



Ratings: 14A, kids. Sex produces babies, even if you don’t get pregnant.  McKay/Sheppard, Cadman/Lorne.  Spoilers for Sunday. 

Thanks to 

[personal profile] eleveninches for beta-ing and therefore saving me from people pointing and laughing.


John spent a lot of time that month contemplating how seriously fucked up he and Rodney must be if their combined DNA produced Satan.

Okay people.  You know what the SGA fandom needs?  A radio station au.  Like where John is a DJ and gets to host the early morning show after some scandal kills Sumner's career.  And his co-dj guy was Ford, but then he started getting in to meth and shit, so his voice started to go and he had to be replaced.  And Elizabeth is the producer, and they have a slightly acrimonious relationship with the big bosses at Stargate Corporation because they're station is a little offbeat, but they have enough listeners so it's okay. And Rodney is the tech guy who watches John swing his legs up onto the table in the soundroom, and he has to watch his mouth that closely, okay, to make sure he can adjust the mike.   And Teyla does weather and traffic, and she and John always kinda flirt a little, on air, but really John leans too close to the mike on purpose so Rodney will come in and tug on his shoulders to move his head back.  
I don't really know what to do with this.  OH SCENE.  WHY DOES YOUR CONTEXT ELUDE ME.  I wish I knew what happened.

"Uh," Lorne said, looking at John sideways, "We don't want to fight you."

"We deserve respect."  Elizabeth thrust her fist up in the air, showing the underside of her breasts where her shirt had been cropped.  She had taken off her bra and had thrown it at the mens'  feet, as a warning shot.  Teyla, Kate Heightmeyer, Laura Cadman - a group of 80 or so women were clustered in the gate room.  John even thought he spied some of the unattractive female scientists in the back.

"No, it's really okay," Stackhouse said, looking nervous.  There had been rumours that Elizabeth was advocating violence, and John knew she was accepting casualties.

"You can't hold us bitches down."  Elizabeth was yelling now, and the group behind her was cheering.  John thought he saw bloodlust in their eyes.

"We don't think you are....bitches."  Was this what this was about?  John had no fucking clue.

Elizabeth's eyes narrowed.  "We're reclaiming the word."

"It's cool," John said, putting his hands out in front of him, "Elizabeth, ladies - it's cool."

"It's okay, John," and Elizabeth smiled, which John took as a good sign.  "We know that as a gay man, you have also been oppressed by the patriarchy.  You get amnesty."

John looked sideways at Lorne, who nodded at him and then jerked his chin over at the women.  It was clear where priorities lay.

"We'll fight for our rights." And the women started to move.

"Steady men," John said, holding his arms out.  In the group of about 60 men behind him, about a quarter were civilians.  This would not end well.

So this post has been building for about two weeks, and I had many things to say but I forgot most of them.  So I will say what I can in point form.

*Does anyone else lie to hairdressers?  Every time I go get my hair cut - and it's usually a different place every time, I go to super expensive salons but get whatever apprentice is available because it is 80% off - I tell the most random and ridiculous lies.  I don't know.  Maybe it is a  reaction to someone touching my head.

*Fandom: Yah.  I'm getting really into spn, but keep searching out really wretch kidfic.  There's something about large eyes and wobbly lips coupled with demon hunting.  Of course, if I decided to get into the wincest, I would get the same emotional-ness of the tiny kids, except with sex.  I've read a couple of wincest fics, but I was really put off by the fact that Sam and Dean were totally fine and well adjusted about doing each other up the ass.  I mean, come on - it's not like la la la, going to the store, driving in the car, fucking my brother up the ass, eating lunch - all part of a normal life. 
          *ps: Please don't wank me.  I understand it is a special and beautiful thing.  Also, I am a BNF, you can't fight me. In my mind.

*Fandom: SGA continues to rock out as always.

*My fic:

My fic a) It's terrible.  It's some random homage to Jamie Ray Newman and is another ridiculous crossover, which starts with Laura Cadman going off the rails and leaving Atlantis to start a new life in California, where she changes her name to Mindi and marries some old man because she just wants to be safe.  But then the Dean is murdered and Veronica and Keith Mars are investigating but then it turns out it was something supernatural/extra-terrestrial so she goes and becomes some demon hunter with the Winchester boys with all of her Atlantis skills.  All I'm sayin', Jamie Ray better not guest star in any other shows.  Also: this will never be completed.    I refuse to write any more crossovers. 

my fic b) an sga fairy tale, which I started a year ago and at 10 197 words, and I don't think it is ever going to be done. 

John met his mother for the first time in twenty years on the Atlantean mainland.  She was dancing in the fairy ring, eyes blazing and hair whipping around her naked body. 


“Hello mom”  John said, eyes fixed resolutely above her neck.  “Take the curse off of the Athosians.”


John’s mother laughed, a silver tinkling sound that made Rodney’s teeth hurt. 


“Holy fucking God.”  Rodney turned to John.  “Your mother is a fairy.”


John’s mother screamed and disappeared in a gust of wind, the rest of the fairies joining her one by one.  John looked at Rodney, irritated.  “Thanks a lot, McKay, everyone knows that if you invoke the name of God to a fairy they’ll disappear.  Now how are we going to get this sorted out.”

Rodney sort of stared at John’s ears.  “Your mother is a fairy.”

John looked at him like he was a moron.  "Yes."

"You're a fairy."  Rodney could barely get his mouth around the words.  "I thought that the Marines were calling you gay."

I swear that no one will be called fat in this fic.  Or go visit Vancouver. 

*My life: So I went to Victoria for a bunch of Liberal party meetings last weekend, and after the big meet and greet party, where I got rid of the last of my ugly business cards, all of the boys went to a strip club.  I was the only girl.  So I got to go back to my hotel and fume while my colleagues went to stuff loonies into some poor unwed crack mom's g-string.  I was so fucking irritated beyond belief.

*Job: Ridiculously easy job is hiring me on permanently, and sending me to Ottawa in the near future.  Success!

*Social life: HAH.  That'd be new.  I started on a new campaign.  I am stressed already, although they are paying me ridiculous amounts of money. 

That's it. 
New fic!  I love love love Friday Night Lights and I mainlined all of the episodes in one weekend.  It is one of the most beautiful and well done shows I have ever seen.  I find it hard to believe that towns like this exist - if someone was to ask me whether Stargate or a town where football is the number one priority of every single person I would pick the space monsters and time travel. 

So.  Fic. 

Title:  Breaking Mid-Flight
[profile] eternallycaitRating: Gen.  G?  PG?
Story: This is a Grey's Anatomy crossover, with spoilers for the second season that only really matter if you like Kyle Chandler as much as I do.  The spoilers for Friday Night Lights are very minimal.

Breaking Mid-Flight




John rolled over with a sigh.  He was loose limbed and hazy eyed, and he could barely get the energy to dab at the mess on his stomach with the corner of a sheet.  He looked at Rodney, feeling a smile begin to tug at his face. 

"So was it good for you?"

Rodney was looking straight up at the ceiling, sweat beading at his temples.  His mouth was crooked down at the corners and he was breathing heavily. 

"No, not really, actually no."

John looked over sharply, he was too worn out to even feel properly outraged, and that was a sign of a good time.  He waited a moment, trying to gather an appropriate amount of hurt and confusion in his voice.  "What do you mean?"  Maybe his voice was a little too hurt, he sounded a bit strangled. 

Rodney looked over at him, meeting his eyes.  "It's just that usually, you know - when you do that thing with the twist - I get  thoughts, ideas."  Rodney's hands had worked themselves free of the sheets and were waving in the air above John's face. 

"What do you mean ideas?" And the post-sex buzz was definitely wearing off, because John's voice was sounding more and more hurt by the second.

"Math.  Problems we've had with the city.  This one time?  I figured out the problem we'd been having with the doors not opening for people who didn't have the gene.  Radek had been getting stuck for days -"  Rodney's voice died down when he looked at John's face.  "It's useful."

John looked down at the mess on his stomach, and wondered how fast it would take to get out of Rodney's room and down to the shooting range.  He started to sit up.

"It's just - for the last few times - I can only think of you."

John looked over at Rodney's face, which was colouring a bit.  He looked down at Rodney's hands, which were gripping at the sheets. 

"Oh." It would probably take at least 15 minutes, and John was tired and he thought his legs might be falling asleep.

"It's very inefficient, you know" and Rodney was looking at John earnestly now, ears red and hand on John's arm "I think about you even when I should be thinking of - of not you."

John lay back down and felt a smile creep back up onto his face.   "Well good."  And John fell asleep.


Tagfic to The Tao of McKay.
Warning: not all that spoilery, but watch the episode first.
Retarded, as usual.

So the season premiere was really good, and I’m sure people will write brill fanfic about it, but I, um, wrote this. 

Title: Courage, said Lee Adama
Author: [profile] eternallycait

Spoiler warning for Season 3 of BSG.
Note:  I love Lee Adama.

With A Whimper
Ratings and People: 14A, John/Rodney (not explicit), Lorne, Chuck, Miko, Carson
Disclaimer: Not mine
“The end of the world? No one ever tells me about these things.” Lorne said, rolling his eyes.

“I never see it coming.” John turned to the rest of the group. “The end of the world is supposed to be fire and brimstone, explosions and sonic booms. Not this stillness. We have to find out what is going on.”

With A Whimper )


May. 27th, 2006 03:02 pm
Guys, I wrote fic about Chuck. Because I love him, in all of his Canadian glory.

Title: Chuck, the Console Guy
Author: eternallycait
Fandom: SGA
Rating: G, Pairing: Chuck/Kate, John/Rodney - both really mild.
This is dedicated to the whole fandom. You've all just made my life so much better.

Chuck, the Console Guy )
Does anyone remember, like a million years ago, when I told everyone in chat that I had written a lame ass sequel to Pru's very brill fic, Edges?? Well I finally found it buried in the middle of polisci notes. I really wanted to email it to her first, but I could not find her email - I'm sorry Pru! Take this as a public exultation of my love!
Um. It's a Grey's Anatomy crossover and if anyone has a better title please tell me.

'Zelenka' Rodney said, as Izzie came in to check his chart, 'John's dead.' Dr. Zelenka jumped up from where he was sitting in the corner reading the card that General Carter had sent, putting his hands on Rodney's shoulders. 'Yes Rodney, I'm very sorry - '

'He flew into a Wraith Hiveship.'

Dr. Zelenka's hands drifted off Rodney's shoulders and he looked at Izzie. Izzie could only stare down at the chart, her eyes burning.
'I never got to tell him - never mind, we have to get this working.' Rodney turned away and started pulling at his bedsheets.

The Verge of Memory and of Forgetfulness. )
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