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I'm just so overwhelmed with life, right now.  Thank god exams are over - I think I did okay on most, if not all of them (as I typed this, I realized that marks come up today, ofg) OKAY.  Just checked grades.  Two As and  B+ in  that English hell course with one class left to come.

Oh god, I am never taking an english class again.  They wanted me to think and shit (shit has become one the words I use most often.  Looking back, I've used it over a dozen times today and I am sitting here at work, by myself.)

During exams I blew my knee.  From studying.  While lying on my bed, wtf.  LIFE.  I cried every day, pretty much.  I am not a good studier.  Also, I took a full time job during exams, IDK.  I did it last term too, and swore I never would again, but I tend to say that a lot.  I haven't posted in over two months, but I did manage to whore my way into a DW code (erin, was it good for you?)  I haven't posted there either, but I managed to get username cait.  The eternally was holding me down.  Are we all moving? I'm confused, do I need to follow two flists now or is this like the great fan migration of 07 that never actually happened.  I'm a total sheep, I'll come with.

OH SO.  I'm working at political office again.  More on my angst later about fanfiction and politics and how I can't combine the two.  I was supposed to leave on trip yesterday, but have been forced to stay  home for Liberal Convention.  Trying to run an MPs life is hard, yo.  Some high school kids came in yesterday to interview me (!!!!!) for their school paper (!!!!!!!!!) about what it's like working in politics.  I think I killed their soul a little. (Me: HERE IS MY PHOTOCOPIER.  IT DOES DOUBLE SIDED :D)
I arrived at office 7 this moring and won't finish until 11 or so tonight.  You guys, I am so tired.  And so whiny.  I'm so happy that Michael Ignatieff is becoming leader, so happy, but I just want to run away with my blackberry and carry on a torrid affair with my laptop.  I have four weeks worth of tv to watch and a million m-pregs to read.   However, I have not been neglecting my duties.  Here is some Merlin art, clearly I am a great artiste, or spend way too much time on the phone with my hands free

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*weakly* Life might be hard for you right now, but at least your photocopy filled life made me laugh and laugh? *cough*



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