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Well I'm flying off again, and it's about time.  I'm starting to feel itchy in my own skin and trapped in the city.  I miss flying and airports (even though I go to one almost every day for lunch.)  Cuba!  This is my schedule today: work at MP's office 9-1.  School: 2-5  Work at Air Canada: 6-1015.  My plane takes off at 11:35 pm and I'm not packed.  And apparently there is a hurricane over Cuba?  Yay!

I'm skipping school, but I'm trying to justify it by telling myself I'm going down to do *research.*  Just don't ask me what I'm researching, I'll find something, I'm sure.  I have a million papers due, which I plan to do on the plane  - I've got most of my research compiled.  Have a sample of Cait's broad education - 1 essay per class:

a)The biological experiments on unwilling/unknowing humans by the Japanese during WW2 and the ensuing coverup by the United States (they wanted the results of the experiments/scientists for Cold War research.)
b)Indian soldiers on the Western Front.  How they all died and still Britain wouldn't give them independence. 
c)Naval battles of World War 1 and 2, differences between.

I have a well rounded education, obviously.  Notice that in no paper can I bring up Cuba :/

Ugh.  The worst project.  THE VERY WORST project is only worth 5%, but I am not kidding, I almost dropped my favourite class when I found out that I would have to do an art project depicting either recruitment or war resistance.  I am the least creative person ever and I have absolutely no idea what I can do for a university level art project.  If this was high school, I would just draw a recruitment poster, but, and I quote, the proff said 'I think we've all moved beyond posterboard."  Damnit.

But CUBA!  I have downloaded many hours of TV for the plane.  For when I'm done my papers, obv.  Or you know, a break.   
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