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When you see this, post a quote from Stargate Atlantis in your journal.


-John Sheppard, edited out of quotes from several different episodes.

So I watched SGA's The Queen...

Ha!  I love the candles and the fruit on Todd's ship.  it's like he invited the team over....to seduce John.  He had mood lighting and everything!  Snacks! Oh Todd.  Somebody lent him Sweet Valley High books so he could learn about his namesake. 

Also, wtf is Jennifer doing on this mission?  She couldn't have given somebody who is trained in firearms a powerpoint presentation?  Gratuitous Doctor Presence, tm carson beckett. 

John's really gay, spartan, but actually really airy and pretty room.  Remember when Michael was first humanized, and they gave him a cowboy hat?  And that was it?  The only thing to base an entire identity on?  Basically, we've had four seasons of John, who has apparently been alive for a couple dozen years and all we get is a) a Johnny Cash poster b) sparkly curtains c) golf clubs.  Even his laptop has an sga screensaver.  I would like to put forth the possibility that John Sheppard is a recovering hoarder/collector/guy with a precious moments fixation, and if he has one extraneous thing in his room, he will explode in a frenzy of Anne Geddes posters.

NO TEYLA.  THIS EXTENSIVE PLASTIC SURGERY WILL HAVE NO LASTING EFFECTS AT ALL.   The fact that John/Ronon/Rodney are watching: kinda creepy.

*Taps watch* So how long until the WraithTeyla/Michael slash?  Or the episode fic song fic to 'My Fair Lady.'

Hey, randomfandom question: How did the Teyla/John people react to the fact that Teyla had a baby with someone else?  The same way I do about Rodney/anybody?  Has there been a crisis of faith?  I MUST KNOW.

You know, SGA could do a lot more with the fact that they have invisible puddlejumpers.  LIke, how backup could be in an invisible puddle jumper that would be invisible.  And have backup in it.

So.  One puddlejumper against a Wraith Cruiser. and it wins.  I...see.  Also, why did John go uninvisible?  I thought it was shields or invisibility, not weapons.

Lt. Col John Sheppard is not on top form lately, you guys.  Why didn't they give Teyla a mini radio?  Or a panic button? Or one of those transmitters Todd had?  RE: rescue mission - SGA-1 does not have the best conceived plans, do they?

So now that they have this surgery, and the ability to screw with genetics, they're going to implant spies on every Wraith ship, right?  And like, video cameras in Wraith command centers?  It is apparently pretty easy to get in and out of a hive ship, they could just took tiny wee Lorne in a cubby and have him report back. Or you know, nukes.  

Did they explain why Teyla didn't stay, now that she had unquestioned power? 

It was an entertaining episode, I guess.  I'm not really Teyla's biggest fan and I honestly don't really care about Wraith culture, but Todd is pretty awesome so that made up for a lot.  My favourite character development was that Teyla wears eyeshadow even as she goes in for intensive surgery.  My kinda girl.

Also, they apparently released the casting sheets for SG:Universe, and

Why is Chloe Carpenter, a silver spooned senator's daughter, spoiled party girl with one year of university on the ship?  The hell?  Did she just get sucked up by accident , or something?  Everyone else looks either army or scientist. 

And Ron 'Psycho' Stasiak?  What?  How did he get picked for this?  "He must have *some* moral center because otherwise he might kill everyone around him"?  Sounds stable and trustworthy.  Christ.  There better be some plausible plot device for this here gathering.  Remember, they have a fake gene now.  Having a gene is NO EXCUSE, SHOW.  SORRY.

Wait.  wait.  If Eli Hitchcock's genius has never been recognized....then why is he on the team?  Now I must know.

Also, somebody mentioned that every character is just a rehash of previous SG characters....I got some, but who is Chloe supposed to be?  Is Tamara supposed to be Carson?  Give me the rundown, pls. 

I WANT TO GO STALK SGA FILMINGS.  Recent photos of Flan look like they were taken up near my summer cottage.  I have often asked myself why I am not stalking SGA filming - I would - I can be really creepy and stalkery and inappropriate, but i just don't know how to find them.  Does anybody have any tips?  I was at work the other day, and someone told me they were filming something in the hanger, apparently 'something about a car.'  So I run down, screaming DEAAAAAAAAAAN, I am coming for YOUUUUUUUU but it turned out to be a Suburu commercial.  Damn.

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