Feb. 4th, 2009


So.  I just finished Giant Paper of Doom, and only have Midterm of Horror and Short Paper of Frustration to finish before reading week.  I don't know where I'm going - some friends of mine are going to Savannah, but I was thinking of going back to London.  I was planning to go to Argentina but the flights are really full up.

So.  My papers would have been done a long time ago if it wasn't for the Harry Potter fandom.  I have been drawn back in again, and HP is like an abusive boyfriend you just can't give up and keep going back to even though there are other nice guys out there like Merlin and Bones. 

The problem is I know that there is so much good fic out there - some that I remember and that I am trying to find (on clues like 'Draco had a nice...house?  A room in the house? There was sex at one point?' - and new stories that are hidden among the really creepy abusive-house-elf-slash.

Oh god, speaking about house elves - I am wanting to talk about HP ALL THE TIME.  It's wretch.  I'm in this Civil War history class that is focussing on Uncle Tom's Cabin and I keep having  these genius (they're not :( )  realizations that Hermione would totally write house-elf/UncleTom fusion fic and that it would be one of those deep fics that get a billion metas and change the world amen.  But then I can't share it with anybody because I am already creepy what with the teacher already having phoned me at home to talk about being a working-student mother.  I went with it and now I keep forgetting that I am supposed to have kids. 

Another problem is that I have absolutely no memory of what happened in the last two (three) books.  I keep confusing it with fanfic - I managed to strike up a Harry Potter conversation (don't look at me like that, it flowed from the previous topic, damnit) and I was swearing up and down that Neville killed Voldemort and like, Harry married zombie-Snape.  I was wrong. 

So yes. HP  fic.  It's so good :(  I can't stop myself, it won't be so bad this time, he really *loves* me, okay!

ps.  I reread the epilogue online - wth?  Not a fan, and I recall not being a fan.  Whatevs about Harry/Ginny and all that (that's what *fanfic* is for!) but it seems that the point of the epilogue was look!  Everything's gone full circle!  Back to the beginning!  Yay!  Except for that was the beginning of the rise of Voldemort and living in the past isn't so great when you've come out of years of warfare.  

pps.  So maybe I've also watched Double Shot at Love: Identical Bisexual Twins.  It was awful.  I was drunk.  It was kismet.



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