Dec. 12th, 2008

Exams are finally over, which is fantastic because I can finally start concentrating on my papers.  One of which is 20 pages. Crap, oh crap.  So what happened is that I went to go work at a political person's office for the exam period - they were all 'Oh...Cait, you'll just have to answer phones and you can study and hey!  One month's pay will pay for your entire tuition next term so you'll be able to pay rent! - but then something interesting happened in Canadian politics. 

I know.  Close your mouth, I was also shocked.  Le Information

It's pretty over by now, but let me tell you, the voters were enraged.  In one day we got over 1500 emails (average being....20?  On a heavy day?)  and people were lined up to scream at me.  We wound up having to lock the doors because some guy knocked my computer screen over with his rage and the mood was getting really ugly.  FUN TIMES.

But.  BUT.  They kicked out the incompetent leader and put my guy in.  Finally.  The guy who I broke a rib crying over when he lost. I got into the office at about 0800, turned on the news watched for about five seconds and then screamed really loudly and broke into hysterical tears of happiness while falling to the floor sobbing.  I'm kind of intense sometimes.  The Chinese ministry people from next door ran over to save me from the murderer, so that was awkward.

BUT I PLAYED IT COOL.  Because I work in the office of the MP who organized Dion's (the ineffectual loser who was kicked out) leadership campaign, and everyone in the offices haaaaaaaates Ignatieff, even if he was on the cover of GQ at one point.  So I'm all 'you know, I really don't think Dion was so bad.  He totally should have stayed leader, guys."  I am that apostle guy who turned against Jesus (or you know, Michael Ignatieff.  Although several papers have called him a mix of Trudeau and Obama, with some Hillary in there for luck.) 

Anyways, this is a long winded explanation for why I haven't been on the internet.  I have 200 or so emails and I haven't watched any recreational tv for weeks :(  I lie.  I have been watching Bones instead of sleeping.  But the point is still valid.

RE:  Ignatieff - except for that one hysterical hour when I just found out (no one else showed up until noon, btw.  And they were all crying for a different reason) I'm kinda meh about the whole thing.  Mostly I feel a superiour sense of smug satisfaction, because I'm the winner.  Two years late, but STILL THE WINNER.  He'd better do a good job, that's all I'm saying, because I don't really know how I feel about this whole thing, and I need Iggy to make me believe in him again.

ps for Canadians: You guys, I'm pretty sure that Ignatieff and Rae have a torrid, secret gay love story.  Like, they lived together in university, debated and I QUOTE  "experimented together."  I read slash, I know what that means.  Then!  They meet again in politics, are the top contenders for leadership role and disapear into private meetings to 'discuss issues.'  Oh yah, baby.  THEN, Rae drops out of the race, and supports Ignatieff even though doing so could damage him politically because of their 'long history together as friends.'  And then - Rae could win!  Two years later!  But then steps aside for Ignatieff - because 'he's a good guy.  I've known him for forty years, I don't know a better man.'  Obviously greying political buttsex.  That I may have written fic about :(  What.  Americans have that Rahm guy. 



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