Nov. 3rd, 2008

Okay.  I have to tell you, I am kinda glad the US election is happening tomorrow.  Why?  Because I sick of it.  Before you come and beat me with thunder sticks, let me give you my reasons.
1) I'm kind of a horrible person who hates democracy
2) I am Canadian
3)No body cared about the Canadian election and talked about the US election instead.  
4)Lowest voter turnout rate in the 20th C.  By percentage.
5)Although everyone here loves Obama, we still wound up with a Conservative government, WTF

But it's okay.  I've moved on.  I'd like to introduce you to a new political candidate who I feel very strongly about. 

Gregor Robinson.  He's running for they mayor of Vancouver.

Why should you care?  Because he is a hot ass.  I am voting for him because I'd totally like to sex him up, and that is not a euphonism for something political.  I'm sure he has good issues, and basically I'd vote for anybody who wasn't Sam Sullivan, but seriously.  Look at the guy.  Plus, he is the former owner of my favourite juice.  Possibly he would give me some.  After he took off his clothes. 

If he wins I will totally write RPF about him and Joe Flannigan, because he watches Stargate.  Because it 'showcases our great city.'  I'm not sure where or when he said that, but someone told me he did.  Also, in his bio it says he 'get's musical' which I'm pretty sure means dancing around it pink glittery spandex. 

Plus he has a really great stance on the issues, blah blah, I actually agree with his direction for the city, whatever, but also, when the Olympics come, don't we want a hot mayor?

That's right baby, advocate for affordable housing and for the homeless.  YES.

So.  In conclusion, Gregor Robinson is hot.  And I love him.  Even if you are not a Vancouverite, I feel that we can all get behind this?



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