May. 6th, 2008

1) HAha, Sam Winchester's accent - I like how he says 'yers' for 'yours.'  I am also enjoying the fact that they are standing around talking on the main mall of my school.  Look!  The library where I study.  OMG - I think that me and Jensen have stood in the same place.  Soul mates.

2)Look!  My grandma's house got profiled in the Vancouver Sun.  It is now my number one goal for spn to film there.  Two people were murdered in the upstairs bedroom!  It has a secret passageway!  No ghosts though, my cousins and I did seances all the time when we were kids, but nothing.   Grandma's house got chosen for the heritage tour, which is cool.  Everyone in my family's gotten married there, and I've been having saturday dinner there since I was a baby. 

4)Yesterday at work we had a three hour, 6 way discussion on whether or not Carrie Underwood would be fun to hang out with.  I kinda want to quit my job, except that I love the free flights. 

5)I might take a three month leave and go down to work on the Hillary Clinton campaign.  My friends are telling me to stay in Canada and keep working for the LPC, but I kinda hate Stephane Dion with a burning, passionate rage. 

6)You know what bugs me about sga fic?  The amount of MRE's they have Atlanteans eating.  I mean, they can't have packed enough MREs to have people eating them every day for lunch.  Especially is S1 - I would have thought that MREs would be as rare as chocolate.  They're bulky, and I'm sure they had better things to pack. 

7) It is my personal canon that JShep makes really unattractive sex noises, and they kinda skeeve Rodney out.  When he closes his eyes he kinda feels like he's fucking some dirty old man.  JShep makes up for it by being unbearably attractive. 

8)Oh my god.  I have had a run of reading John as a homophobic mean brute fics.  Srsly, I got so angry on JSheps behalf.  John is basically my idea of a perfect man.  However, when I fantasize about him, I imagine that we have long talks about shoes and boys.  Sexy.

9)I think we need a new fic warning: I over identify with Rodney McKay and was bullied as a child.  If I have to read one more fic where Rodney is abused by big meanies and cries all night, I am going to go beat up some kid wearing glasses and reading sci fi.  Basically, myself.

10) Lauren Conrad is a cylon.



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