May. 1st, 2008

I'm back!  Actually, I was back yesterday, but I opened my inbox and I had 58 new messages, two of which concerned meetings scheduled for today.  I was ridiculously jet-lagged/hungover (free booze on the plane, people) and kinda made bug eyes several times during meetings.

When I got off the plane, my mother told me the prime minister had been assassinated and I was filled with excitement over the drama-rama  horrified that I had been that out of the loop/ that PM's cat Cheddar was now fatherless.   Lying to me like this is how my mother punishes me for not emailing for two weeks. 

I"M BACK IN SCHOOL, come September.  I am not hyperventilating in the slightest </LIES>  I am no longer a hobo and am a registered student.  I had to meet with my faculty adviser, who was all "Hohoho, look who has returned from the war."  He continued to use the war analogy for the rest of the 2 hour meeting.  I was so hungover, you guys.  It was not fun. 

Britain is amazing.  I want to live there.  I am seriously looking into exchanges - I can do a canadian history degree in Britain, right? - because I didn't want to leave.  I love the accents.  I love the tube.  I love the giant pillar with the gold pineapple on top - if you go to London, it's right by St. Paul's Cathedral, and no one knew what the hell it was.  Giant pineapple. 

I also loved my dirty hostel.  My room had three sets of bunk beds.  I had the bottom bunk and the guy on top of me (that's what she said?) was an Australian guy.  He was really really nice, but really kinda racist, which made me laugh because I am white and privileged..   I think he was trying to hit on me by telling me how liberal he was (I told him I worked for LPC) and then giving really horribly right wing answers.  Silly Australian.  He should know the real way to hit on me is to buy me drinks and then hold my handbag when I trip over my shoes.   

OMG, I watched Doctor Who and first season of torchwood.  I was being social!  I burned it onto a dvd (by request) and watched it in the common room with a bunch of drunk people.  fadkjdafslj Captain Jack Harkness is like, the most attractive man I have ever seen in my entire life.  This girl from Arkansas preferred Owen and I wanted to smack her eyes out.  You guys, Owen is so disturbingly weird looking.  I hate his lips.  He looks like Voldemort. 

I basically am only watching torchwood for capt jack, who I will never get over.  I didn't even really like him in Who, wtf.  When it is a jack lite episode, I just get drunk.   

I'm up to Who 309.  Okay, fandom,  help a girl out.  I know there is good Doctor Who fic out there.  I had a super quick look before posting this, and all I've found are fics where Rose gets pregnant and she and the Doctor kill Martha and settle in some cottage.  Rec me up.  Also - I like Martha - I loved Rose, and every time the Doctor and Martha are onscreen I get a mean little pain of 'haha, loser.  He will *never* get over her."   If this does not continue to be true, please tell me now. 

Who should I friend for interesting Who discussion?  All I'm finding is vitriolic hate toward one or the other of the girls, which makes me sad.  I do however, want essays about how Doctor/Rose are otp but Martha is okay too. 

Oh!  And someone has to have rewritten 308-309 where it is Rose the maid, not Martha, in 1913 with the doctor as a professor.  I want to read it, even if it is awful.  Wish fulfillment, you guys.   

I missed lj so much.  I will never leave you again. 



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