Apr. 19th, 2008

So I got home yesterday, after over two weeks traveling around Thailand and Vietnam  I get to spend the day in Korea, which was very cool.*   Kimchi is kinda not delicious, fyi.  I also got to spend 26 hours in Hong Kong, but I spent the entire time in the airport.  I slept in the prayer room, covered in prayer rugs, because I`m respectful like that.  Every once in a while Muslims would come in to do their prayers and I would wake up loudly and it was very awkward.  Eventually I decamped to an all night Starbucks.  This is what I ate in Hong Kong:  almond milk, chocolate cake, fuzzy peaches and two apples.  I was really taking my time to appreciate the culture. 

Then I got to Thailand.** 

Asia is very hot, you guys.  I`m sure you are aware of it, and I sort of was, but I am not used to heat.  At home, I can wear jeans all summer and feel perfectly fine.  As a result of the other side of the world not being exactly like Canada, there are very few photos of me looking like a human being.  Mostly I am a red sweaty mess.  People came up to me in the street - just randoms - and touched my face and said "Hot!".  Thanks.  I go to the gym all the time and make appropriate work out sweaty faces, but I've never actually been dripping before.  It was quite disgusting, I have to say, and will never understand how it could be a turn on.  I smelt bad, people. 

Thailand )

Vietnam was an interesting experience.  I don't really know what to say - I feel kind of awkward saying thing about  my experiences in a country if they aren't uniformly positive.    I know that my experiences are only my experiences, and that someone else might go to the country and have something totally different happen or feel completely different.

Vietnam )

So needless to say, I felt awkward.  But.  Lovely country, very beautiful.  I went to war sites.  I didn't go to the beaches, or into the jungle, I mostly went to 20th century historical sites, which are going to be fraught with tension.  And maybe it was just me reading into things.

Anyways.  Uh.

I watched so much tv on the plane, it was ridiculous.  Sarah Connor Chronicles kicks ass.  I have a post coming up about how good it is.  Also Doctor Who.  I have come to the realization that I will never love farscape and that Ben Browder continually looks like he's been hit with a bat in the back of the head.  And I`m racist towards puppets.

*I saw a helicopter take off and like, freaked out and sang the mash song.  We all agree this is the best show ever right?  I mean, the most touching moment in the history of television is when BJ wrote out 'goodbye' with rocks.  God.  I think of that and want to cry.  TOUCHING.

**I am now so so ashamed of Canadian/US airlines.  Man, Thai Airlines and Asiana were nice.  They fed me and allowed me to steal their very warm blankets. 

***This trip has also reaffirmed my love for Queen Elizabeth.  I met up with this British girl in Vietnam and we traveled for a bit together, and she was all `whatever`about the Queen, which just made me want to beat her into adoration.  I love her.   QUUUUUUEEEEEENNNNN.  I must make a pimping vid.  She also did not like Camilla, which is odd to me.  She`s so lovely :(

**** Okay, because you know what? My A #1 fic kink is Sheppard fighting in one of the wars mentioned above.  I will read it even if he`s hooking up with an elephant.  THE TRUNK HAS A CONVENIENT HOLE.  Jesus.  Just picturing him in a muddy uniform makes me weak in the knees. 



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