Mar. 18th, 2008

Christ almighty, I just finished page 42/42 of the fic I have been writing for the past six months.  I also did a politically correct edit of it, aka editing out the bits where I might accidentally offend each other (like the 9/11 jokes and the bits where John calls everyone a fag and then laughs awkwardly and sleeps with Rodney.)  You know what?  At my place of employment, we make inappropriate 9/11 jokes. 

Last week my house got broken into and all of the computers got stolen expect for mine (My sister: why can't I be like Cait and sleep with my laptop?) This was a disaster for two reasons: people's laptops got stolen and they all had to use mine.  I was at work and my sister calls me up to ask if she can use my laptop because she has a paper due - and I couldn't say no, not without a really good reason, and I don't think that fast - and there are like 50 tabs of man on man sci fi porn and links to MY sci fi porn and the fic I was currently editing wide open.  Yes I do have a link to lj in my browser.  So that was awkward and I'm pretty sure I came out of the closet.  Now someone has to beat me with a baseball bat at my prom and life will be complete. 

I have the whole month of April off and am too lazy to plan anything.  I'm thinking somewhere warm for a week and then Paris?  Maybe?  I speak french and have never been.  Then maybe a week in Asia?  I hate planning, this is why I need a travel agent.

Same song, second verse:  I haven't watched the finale of sga yet, because my sisters seem to think that school is more important than sga. 

Has somebody done a vid of the wraith awakening to Everybody (Backstreet's Back)?  Because I would like to see it. 



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