Feb. 5th, 2008

Heh.  Yesterday at work we were looking through all the different country's travel advisories, and Australia has one for Canada, because of our incessant terrorist attacks and tornadoes.  More hilarious is the fact that on an internal travel advisories site, someone has listed 'vampires' as a danger in Romania.  It's why I'm not going there, for sure.  I think my new goal in life should be to create a travel advisory for the supernatural.  I feel that no traveler should enter Canada unaware of the dangers of Sasquatches and loup-garous.   Step one in plan: learn how to spell both of those buddies.

I know that practically every second post has me explaining my whereabouts, and this one is no different.  I've been at work.  Always.  Every day.  I had one day off in January, and worked about 57 eight hour shifts in the month :(  But now it's okay!  Because they were all shift trades and now I have the whole of February to travel.  I'm leaving day after tomorrow, and I decided on Rome and the rest of Italy this morning while I was watching Gladiator.  Has anyone been there?  I'm doing the typical OMG, I"M LEAVING AND HAVE NO HOTEL/ITINERARY, but at least this time I managed to find my passport more than an hour ahead. 

BTW, peeps, I get friends and family discounts, so if you can make your way up to Canada (one of the major cities- Dildo, Newfoundland wouldn't cut it,- but Halifax would),  I can get flights and all inclusive hotels in the Carribean for about 600 per person for seven days.  It's not a you and me trip, although that would be lovely also, but a trip in which I stay at home and sleep while you wander aimlessly around the beach calling my name.  Let me know if you get an influx of cash/spare time and I'll give you the details. 

I have watched absolutely no tv for the last month, which is depressing, although I am spoiled up the ass for sga.  Would somebody please pimp me the rest of the season, aka everything after sga405?  Some of the posts I've read make the episodes seem.....not Cait safe. 

I need to dl a whole bunch of stuff for the plane, and for the trains w/in Italy, so if anybody has any recs of tv I should be watching, let me know.  Ooooh, is Dr. Who worth it?  Because I hear that Torchwood is really good, but you can't really watch one without the other..... I've dled Twin Peaks because I had a VMars longing the other day. 



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